SmartDoctor is actually capable of dynamically changing the clock speed of the card in response to its temperature and what you’re doing, so overheating the card’s prevented, by slowing it down. Assuming, of course, that you actually want the games in the bundle. Text was probably the biggest problem but that was due to the TV and not the video output. The Board The “deluxe” version of Asus cards typically denotes a multimedia-geared product where the “pure” series was a more stripped down, performance oriented offering. The quality of the hardware provided is just as good as what we seen in our V Pure review including the same speed memory except that you’ll notice that we now have an abundance of video connection on the backside.

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The overclocked Leadtek using its 1. This item may or may not be in original packaging.

It’s a neat little unit, though it doesn’t have the ay-caramba impact of the Leadtek card’s comparatively gigantic slab of aluminium. High Quality Video Playback. At first glance, the only thing that sets the V apart from a plain vanilla GeForce2 is its unconventional round main-chip cooler. Drivers not provided by the manufacturer of a particular fancy bell-and-whistle-encrusted card probably won’t let you use any extra card features.

Asus AGP-V7700/32M V7700 32MB Grafikkarte GeForce 2 GTS AGP Composite TV-Out VGA

Keep in mind that my Camcorder that is not digital provides output at lines of resolution. Although I don’t see any use for this feature in my daily routine, I did secure my lab for a couple days to see what happened after hours when I was gone.


ASUS make “Deluxe” cards with all of these frills, and a substantially higher price tag. asks

Getting to the setting-changer’s a bit of a pain, v700. For the time being however, the V Deluxe stands alone. The other window in my screenshot above is the log of the videos taken one such video was taken in the sample screenshot. All you get are the old GeForce ones, most of which can also be downloaded from here.

Asus v GeForce2 GTS

Similar sponsored items Feedback on our suggestions – Similar sponsored items. Skip to main 32j. You can find products similar to this one for sale below. Testing with Quake 3 in by32 bit everything, using the standard Demo1 demo, showed a smaller difference between the two cards. Subject to credit approval.

If the temperature where the card would go flaky is, say, five degrees warmer than the temperature at which SmartDoctor applies the brakes, then you only benefit if your card would, in fact, get too warm. You can download it from them here. There is, at the moment, nothing on the market that can beat the GeForce2 for consumer PC 3D graphics, though 3dfx will pretty much match it with their upcoming, similarly priced Voodoo 5 cards.

Asus v7700 GeForce2 GTS

This small a difference doesn’t really matter. About all the V Pure has going for it is the hardware monitoring, and frankly, I can take it or leave it. And its Quake 2 performance isn’t rubbish ; it’s just not nearly as fast as it could be. It should be interesting to see what happens when we line-up the Radeon “All in Wonder” with this board as one of its biggest advantages was its video editing software.


Ulead VideoStudio Video Studio SE from Ulead is a video capture and editing software that let’s you basically do everything you’ll need to make a home video. If you ask me, idle CPUs are just something to run the Distributed.

Capture the detected unusual condition in high quality AVI file. Drives, the processor and sundry other components all contribute heat to the air inside the computer, and the less air flows through the case, the higher the temperature gets.

The Board The “deluxe” version of Asus cards typically denotes a multimedia-geared product where the “pure” series qgp a more stripped down, performance oriented offering. Log in Don’t have an account?

Take care of your valuable system to provide the best safety with. Well, it lets you try to overclock that far, anyway.

Execute other security control programs. Balanced design increases overall system performance. C7700 in both hardware and software, this is a significantly different card from the Leadtek. You have VR-out, S-video in converter cable included allows you to use composite in through here as wellVGA-out, S-video out and composite out.