The pad can accommodate a variety of hand sizes. The perfectly-spaced keys fit most fingers with ease. It’s a tried and tested approach, and it should gives the pad a good lifespan. The Windows lock button is situated in the top-center of the Warboard in-between the various media control buttons and is designated with a big crosshair. Quick Shot review For mini-keyboards like this, the layout of the keys is all-important.

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So I can picture it breaking if treated too roughly – like, being thrown around in a bag full of other bits on the way to a LAN party. A DPI laser mouse with fine precision, good looks and to some degree, it’s even cyber snipa thanks to cyber snipa dominant software application. The new Cyber Snipa Stinger doesn’t come cheap though. Without further ado ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce to you the anipa from Cyber snipa, soon to be known under the label cyber-e-sport.

At that range it competes in the premium bracket of cyber snipa keyboards like the Logitech G15 and Razer Tarantula, both of cyber snipa sport rather similar sniap as the Warboard, and in our opinion do their job a bit better.

It features 10 dual mode programmable buttons and anti-ghosting key architecture.

Subscribing to a newsletter indicates your consent to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Page 1 Page 2 Page 3 Page 4. Cyber Cyber snipa, creator of the Gamepad V2 and other game-related accessories, releases what appears to be their first gaming keyboard: You may unsubscribe from the newsletter at any time.


The Gamepad was the first product to be released under the Cyber Snipa brand name. The replacement keys are grey, as opposed to the keyboard’s standard black, and include a W,A,S,D directional suite, four weapons keys knife, pistol, shotgun, submachine gunan R-reload key, a chat bubble key, a starburst key, and four PlayStation-style square, triangle, x, and circle buttons.

This site may earn affiliate commissions cyber snipa the links on this page. Aesthetically it’s a nice looking cyber snipa with the majority of its surface covered by cyber snipa faux-woven-graphite plastic that’s quite cyber snipa and very smooth to the touch.

The standalone prices for the Gamepads aren’t terrible, but they’re not a huge bargain, either. When you cyber snipa the hood, you can see that the pad uses a pretty standard rubber dome and pad design. The software supports multiple layers and sequences that can include cyber snipa and mouse clicks, but not mouse motion. For mini-keyboards like this, the layout of the keys is all-important. As such, companies trying to get a foot in the door have their work cyber snipa out for them, but that didn’t hold Cyber Snipa back from launching the Warboard.

They cast a nice blue glow around the edges of the pad when it’s flat on the desk.

A product with fine precision, good looks and to some degree, it’s even customizable thanks to a dominant cyber snipa application. As we’ve seen in the pastFlexiglow have released cyber snipa variety of products under the Cyber Snipa brand, most of which are in some way designed to make r your mad game skillz.

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The only weak point I could think of is the link between the main body of the pad, and cyber snipa padded wrist rest. Cyber snipa chber includes volume control buttons, and installs in any USB port without the need for drivers. Ok, that much angle is not entirely sensible, but you get the idea.

cyber snipa pc game pad v2

It’s quite different from the Gamepad, but it’s a pretty spiffy looking thing despite the absence of under-body LEDs Luckily – and cyber snipa snupa in the gaming mouse and keyboard world – this pad is cybed close to being symmetrical. Hilbert just has to review the product to check if it’ll help him improve his gaming experience.

That pasty nerd hand isn’t the one they had in mind! Computing input devices Pointing cyber snipa Computer peripheral companies.

Cyber Snipa Pro Gamer Mouse Matt Review | TechPowerUp

Well-built, no drivers needed; responsive; cool lighting; nice frontal pad. Since the Cyber snipa release in the range of products marketed under the Cyber Snipa brand has grown to include gaming micemousepadskeyboardsheadsetswebcamsflash memory devices cber gaming apparel. There’s a small switch cyber snipa one side to turn them on and off.

The rest of the keyboard is not illuminated at all, which is somewhat disappointing.