Super HL5 Plus is still a stand-mount speaker, although intended for use with low stands, 3-way with vented cabinets. A highly resolving audio component offers these features as a package, not as a separate features of the sound, and that’s how it is perceived by a listener. In fact nobody really focuses on them directly as they combined offer us something else, something even more valuable — naturalness of the presentation. This allowed the newest album of La Reverdie to sound that good. It provides numerous points of entry for criticism. Never before was this feeling as strong as it is with the

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While preserving key elements radiall the original sound, like coherency and naturalness, now users get much more spacial presentation with a a better bass extension and definition. Unlike the Compact 7, the Super is biwirable, with four 4mm gold-plated binding posts. The Super HL5 Plus is technically a 3-way including the super tweeter whose chief benefit is to add air and ambience.

If that’s how we agree to define resolution — Harbeths are remarkably resolving. Sometimes the designers seek to emphasize this quality over that. Two 4mm gold-plated binding posts for wires or harrbeth Dimensions HxWxD: Tight, controlled, but a lot of bass nonetheless.

Harbeth M40.2

So for the remainder of the listening I forgot about them and focused on the performance and the effect the music had on me. Perhaps I had grown accustomed to the darker face and slightly warmer sounding Compact 7 ES It didn’t cause me any trouble though harbetj wasn’t boomy, overblown or anything like that. This radiak with music from medieval Venice, realized by Ms Alina Blondiau was released thanks to the money raised via a fundraiser.


The Super HL5 Plus is the 7 th generation of the speaker.

What could be more basic than a rectangular box made of ordinary materials? On available photos one can see her monitoring recorded material already in Palladian Reflectory in Venice where it was recorded via a high quality Stax headphone system.

Cherry, eucalyptus, rosewood, tiger ebony. There are more than a few reviewers around radiak world who own Harbeth speakers and I am among them. To make this point clear I have to exaggerate a bit but I hope you will forgive that.

6moons audioreviews: Harbeth Super HL5+

Well, yes, they definitely make monitors. At first I thought that was rather strange. It is possible though, that this is some sort of misunderstanding rather than real facts. It’s a modern version of BBC’s idiom.

Bass is not that well extended as with modern speakers like, for example, PMC. No warning, no teasers — nothing that could prepare me for this. This year in Munich Harbeth exhibited together with another British brand, unfortunately I did not write down its rzdial, nor did I take a picture of the name — but you can see them on images below this test.

Which means that she knew very well what she listened to.

Harbeth M | The Ear

Rdial trust me — these might be speakers for a lifetime and once you get them you should do everything possible to ensure they work in perfect conditions by tweaking the entire environment system they work in.


Having listened to the Compact 7 and SHL 5 Plus side by side in my room, I find the SHL 5 Plus to be less dark, more neutral, more open and slightly less sweet especially where jazz guitar is concerned. I suggest that you change the jumpers delivered with speakers for some better ones.

Never before was this feeling as strong as it is with the How can such a small speaker do that? It took a while harbetj I found the best positioning, in the end I settled for a slight toe-in, with cm between them measured between the tweeter centres.

Developing this material wasn’t obviously the end of the story as the first loudspeakers with new cones were introduced only in What this recording provides is incredible acoustics with voices and instruments placed in particular places in a very accurate, natural fashion, which is bit surprising considering close placement of microphones for the recording.

There is detail and texture but no loss of smoothness or musicality. Treble is reproduced by two tweeters.