As a professional drawing tablet, the Huion Plus interactive digital graphic will give. They wiggle a little bit and make a clicking sound when pressed. Another very close model to take note of is the Huion H Pro which has the same size working area but with different design to its ExpressKeys and lack of internal storage. The other major issue with the PLUS is its lack of a touch ring. Oh boy was I wrong. Is there any shipping cost for France? No jitter at all.

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Add to Favorites 0. It’s those standard USB ports. Photoshop would show me that I had set the pen size jitter to pressure, but it would not update huion 1060 plus preview to show that pressure was activated. It definitely feels like the company cares about their image.

The pen also has two programmable buttons, one of them is left click and the other is eraser by default. Kudos huion 1060 plus Huion for thinking of it!

I find that you can charge it for a few minutes to get hours of use. I can confirm that huion 1060 plus can use it for realism studies and capture every single detail.

Not three months go by, the cable starts falling plsu again, like with the first one, so not wanting to go trough with the entire ordeal of having the tablet replaced again, I went and huion 1060 plus a gold plated cable with longer connector, hoping that’ll fix the problem.


No lag, sensitivity was amazing, quality of art I could produce insane.

Drawing Tablet Graphic Board Huion Plus 8g Memory 12 Hotkey for Mac Win | eBay

puls This is because, unlike the Wacom styluses, Huion pens do not have an eraser on the opposite end of the nib. The computer can’t recognize the tablet or the wireless receiver, what can i do? Inside the stylus holder are four replaceable nibs and the huion 1060 plus remover.

In addition, there are 16 SoftKeys on the drawing surface that you can access huion 1060 plus the stylus. This is a wireless stylus and it’s battery powered. I’ve contacted Huion on these huion 1060 plus and they say they are working on these bugs. The lack plks a touch ring is disappointing, the touch ring allows you to zoom in and out incrementally to check your work close up and far for stuff like details, 10060, composition, etc.

Some people may call it gimmicky, but it works as advertised and comes in handy too. One thing juion Wacom huion 1060 plus not offer that Huion does is a transparent tracing pad.

Huion PLUS Graphic Tablet Review

Why there is no pressure in huion 1060 plus graphics software but the cursor moves? Make sure you are using the pen that originally come with your tablet; 3. If you are using this tablet and have issues, I would love to hear about them.

Could I use it for image editing in Photoshop with my PC? The PLUS also huion 1060 plus not have tilt sensitivity. I was then able to draw smooth lines at any zoom sizes. I contacted Huion on Facebook and they sent me a new driver which is actually an old version 9 driver and that removed the jitter problem. The PLUS has 12 hotkeys, plus 16 soft expresskeys that are numbers printed on huion 1060 plus active area of the tablet and can be programmed with any keyboard combination or turned off to make the soft expresskey area huion 1060 plus normal stylus area.


Contact them via email for enquires about upcoming books.

Drawing Tablet Graphic Board Huion 1060 Plus 8g Memory 12 Hotkey for Mac Win

Hello Misty, You can see the shipping costs and delivery time for your order during the checkout. You may have installed other tablet drivers or open the drawing software when installing the driver. Was this review helpful? Shipping from warehouse nearest to shipping address is faster. All Hot Most helpful Most recent. huion 1060 plus

It supports levels of pressure sensitivity but not tilt. Easy to operate, whether you are a novice or veteran. CY RC – Practical 3.

My boyfriend, original purchaser, contacts the support, he ships it to the provided address which takes forever by the wayAmazon returns all the expenses, no problem there.