By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The resistance is just right. The X60t is really great in terms of ports provided for such a small machine. They featured an Intel Atom N 1. I think they hit a homerun. The X61 especially received mixed user reviews on CNET, with some claiming display problems, and delivery delays, while others praised the laptop for performance and portability.

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One day I simply pulled the X60s from my bag, placed it on the table and upon lifting the lid it fell off. Successor to X2x line, shares much of its technology however. The hard drive in the X60t is the 2. Just a quick note regarding the difference between the X60 and X60s. Ethetnet Driver Operating System Released 2.

ThinkPad X60 Specs – CNET

Scroll Lock indicator utility for Windows – ThinkPad The specifications [26] of the Xe laptop are given below:. On the larger size T60 ThinkPad these new keys were fine by me, but with the X60s they bother me.

Get a notebook sleeve to help prevent this with yours, just in case. The X60s has a couple of vents and a fan to aid in pushing out warmth generated by the processor and other components. They are still raised and have little bumps which makes them very easy to feel and use. Both have essentially the same specs hardware wise, but there is a major difference in terms of the screen.

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Lenovo ThinkPad X60 Tablet PC Review

Instead, Lenovo created a separate partition to recover the computer although you can create recovery disks using a Lenovo utility. The tablet offered the same specifications as the X laptop, in terms of processorgraphics, and RAM. The X1 Carbon has a inch screen with a resolution of by pixels. The X’s original internal codename was Razor, after the then popular flip phone from Motorola.

ThinkVantage System Migration Assistant v5. This is the case with the X60, but if you need an optical drive and a few more ports the Ultrabase X6 is a highly recommended docking solution that has a built-in optical drive. The ThinkPad Helix featured a tablet powered by Ivy Bridge components, a docking keyboard, and Wacom digitizer stylus.

As any ThinkPad owner will attest, the design is minimalist, somewhat boxy, and all black, without any of the shiny accents or startling colours of other models. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

New ThinkPad X60s ultraportable notebook models come with a three-year limited warranty

I can see the bundled software being useful for some, but I felt I could get more functionality and more performance by performing some of their tasks myself. Lenovo ThinkPad X60 ultraportable notebook view large image. The processor does significantly underclock from top performance to achieve this life, but so what, things are still snappy enough.


The eraser works well and fine in full fledged applications such as Windows Journal, but the eraser does not work in the ubiquitous Tablet PC Kbm Panel used to quickly write text to insert into various Windows text areas. The power and volume buttons are now all wthernet in color and completely round and the ThinkVantage button is completely rectangular. Wireless The X60s has four forms of wireless built-in: Windows 7 Update Module KB Retrieved 4 January I just love how the red tip matches the trackpoint nub too.

This keyboard is the king of notebook keyboards.

ThinkPad X series

Patch to fix compatibility issue between Client Security Solution 8. Intel Ibmm Duo T 1. Along with the keyboard, the battery on this machine is astounding and is a major plus. The unfortunate stuck pixel on the lower left side, it is only visible on a black background view medium image view large image.

Personally, the off the scale battery life has me all a flutter about this notebook and I believe is the real story. Peter Ethednet wrote a disaparaging review for “Ars technica”.