Read a fucking dictionary before you go preaching to others about what to read, you complete tit. I have tried it the way you describe above and when I press mode whilst I’m in ‘local folders’ all I can see is the root file. John on January 4, Eight minutes more like. Your MP3 can only cope with lots of individual tracks copying onto it.

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Regarding the 99 songs, the player can only recognise 99 songs per folder and cannot deal with subfolders. I’m going to steer clear as mine it working perfectly so far. Blings on January 10, Had this iitrronics earlier, I put in. Odd seen as I bought a mb and it is clearly displayed on both box and the mp3 player itself.

HELP would be much appreciated- am sorta at the end of my tether with it!!!! If not, highlight the first one you want.

You could always buy rechargable batteries and a charger for them. I was wondering if anyone can help me in sorting out my IItronics 1GB player. Please can somebody help me? Katie on December 31, Folders in your MP3 are now shown on the list. The crux of the matter is Litronics followed the advice of loading the software and formating the drive with the label root and restarting my machine.

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Bear that in mind and you should be alright. Pedantry about a poster solves nothing. Windows Explorer was ideal for the task.

Iitronics Portable WMA / Mp3 Player Imp-65 Early Digital Music USB

This makes it a bit more fiddly. The device offers excellent sound and the extra bass doesn’t really hurt the life span that much. Hey I’m having trouble even turning it on! Despite downloading loads onto drive I it will not recognise the drive and states there are no other files to play apart from the 3 on drive H. I have had no problems with the player on any of these platform. I have found that by removing the new AAA battery, after use, and replacing it again when I want to use this device, it now works fine.

Markos on December 22, Iitronicss have windows me millenium edition so in theory the system should auto-recognize the player.

I checked the remaining memory and it says i have mb left!

I took it back to argos and they gave me another one with buttons that do work Eight hours battery life? Ensure your computers drivers esp.

Nick, Can you talk me through how to add the folders? IItronics IMP MP3 Player ive the same problem as most i have the imp mb windows xp but cant seem to be able to get past installing the player everything i need comes up after i install the disc but when i get to the menu screen on the mp3 it says it should display music,rec,replay and,systems but but it doesnt it just has the computer icon and the file icon in the opposite corner i have the lock off so i just cant see why my files wont download to the mp3 heads recked ive been trying to install it the last 3 days any help would be great tnxs jay.


Cheers Nick, I got this.

IItronics IMP MP3 Player

The folders you add are accessed by selecting ‘Music’, then a short press on ‘Mode’, selecting ‘local folders’ and there they are with the ‘Music’ folder. Right iittronics On the list, select “Format” Look down the new list. Open up Windows Media Player. I did RTFM the paperwork, no luck. John on January 4,