Page 70 To change the background imagery on the cPad display: When you turn on the computer again, your work is returned to the same state it was when the computer was turned off. It takes several hours to charge the battery with the computer off. It is the pathway through which data flows from one device to another. Any options that you change become effective when you click either OK or Apply. Do not remove a SmartMedia card while the data is being written or read. Contacting Toshiba If you still need help and suspect that the problem is hardware-related, Toshiba offers a variety of resources to help you.

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A folder is an area where you can store documents and other types of files. Charging the main battery To charge the main battery while it is in your toshiba 5105-s501, plug the computer into a live wall outlet. A pull-down toshiba 5105-s501 appears. The icon has automatically been added to the cPad display. If all else fails, contact Toshiba. For more information about diskettes, see on page Using an external keyboard If you prefer to use a full-size keyboard, you toshiba 5105-s501 attach one to your computer provided that the keyboard is USB- compatible.

Empty the Recycle Bin periodically. Going into Hibernation mode If you are using the Windows Toshiba 5105-s501 to the Internet Chapter 2 Getting Started This chapter provides tips for working comfortably, describes how to connect components, and explains what to do the first time you use your notebook computer. Any options that you change become effective when you click either OK or Apply.


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Turn the keyboard over and place it on the toshiba 5105-s501. The computer will read the diskette and start the computer.

Keeping Yourself Comfortable AC power source, and let it dry out completely toshiba 5105-s501 turning it on again. Dispose of the battery as required by local ordinances or regulations.

Toehiba the screen saver The operating system toshiba 5105-s501 the Display Properties window.

Put a check mark next to toshiba 5105-s501 desired option. Removing the battery from the battery cover Lift the battery from the battery toshiba 5105-s501.

Sample Add Printer Wizard Follow the on-screen instructions. Base of the computer Using a standard Phillips no. Never use a pencil to press the manual eject button.

By volatile, we mean that information in RAM is lost when you turn off your computer. You can assign any key that is not associated with a toshiba 5105-s501 key or a keyboard overlay. The Fn-esse keyboard appears. In the Tools menu, select Folder Options.

In the Directory list, select the file you want to play first, and click Add to put it at the top of the playlist. Battery Cover, Inserting A Charged Toshiba 5105-s501 Removing the battery from the battery cover Position the battery cover with the battery facing you. Glossary Hibernation toshiba 5105-s501 A feature of many Toshiba notebook computers that saves to the hard disk the current state of 5105-s50 work, including all open files and programs, when you toshiba 5105-s501 the computer off.

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Otherwise this but- ton repeats the DVD from the beginning. Root, Audio Language, Subtitles.

Toshiba Satellite 5105-S501 15in. (40GB, 1.7GHz, 512MB) Notebook/Laptop – PS511U-02TJCX

This appendix shows the shapes of the typical AC power cable connectors for various parts of the world. Video Modes Appendix C Video Modes This appendix lists the video modes supported by the display adapter and identifies the characteristics of each mod The toshiba 5105-s501 in the tables have the following meanings: Page These are the items that appear in the popup list. Spacebar Step — move forward through the DVD one frame at a time.

Page 74 Getting Started Using the computer for the first time Sample Small Display Properties window with new program highlighted An icon of the selected program appears in toshiba 5105-s501 preview window of the Small Display Toshiba 5105-s501 window. Turn the computer over and reconnect any cables you removed. This lesson toshiba 5105-s501 how to create shortcuts using two operating system accessories, Calculator and Character Map, as examples.